Photography/Graphics: PLACE Workshop

Kings Island: International Street hasn’t had a major makeover since the park opened, 47 seemed like a good age for a face lift. As per the original vision, International Street will continue to whisk guests away from reality. Crews have installed more than 130,000 pavers, the landscaping is being enhanced and improvements to the building façades have been made.

Adding to the theme of bringing the past back to life is reintroducing an icon to Festhaus. That’s right, the Festhaus Glockenspiel characters have been completely restored and are ready to announce the next quarter hour to park guests as they did until 2009. A brand new clock will also be displayed as well as new hand stenciled artwork on the building’s exterior.

The Royal Fountain has been updated and will now have choreographed daytime and nighttime shows. The shows will feature water that will shoot 50 percent higher into the air and the ability to individually control each of the fountains new 112 nozzles and 176 LED lights.